About Xelic

Xelic is a privately held engineering services and standards based core provider company. Xelic is entirely owned by the staff with whom you will be working. Each of us has a significant, vested interest in the success of the company. Our future depends on exceeding customer expectations and we are driven to achieve that goal. It is our sincere hope that you will come to rely upon the commitment of the Xelic team.

By maintaining a culture focused on honesty, communication, and standards of work we continue to create strong partnerships. The Xelic Model delivers unprecedented value that translates to cost savings, first-pass design success and meeting time-to-market goals. Our customer testimonials show that we can deliver.

Xelic offers services in the areas of ASIC/FPGA design, circuit board design, and microprocessor firmware. In addition, we provide standards based cores to allow our customers the ability to focus on their proprietary Intellectual Property (IP) development.